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Stout Month 2024!

There are still a few days to go in Stout Month 2024 (as of this writing), but we’ve already experienced some very tasty treasures from the Grand Valley and beyond. Read on for some of our favorites!

stout from base camp beer works
Hi, Lander - Base Camp Beer Works

Given our involvement in both the wine and beer industries, we were eagerly anticipating the release of Hi, Lander from Base Camp Beer Works. An Imperial Stout aged for 13 months in a Restoration Vineyards Barbera barrel, this beer was a shining example of the creativity and collaboration found here in the Grand Valley. We love it when the wine and beer worlds intersect, and this creation did not disappoint. Rich and velvety with incredible wine and tannin character picked up from the barrel, this sipper starts off like a dry and bold red wine and finishes like a roasty, chocolatey stout. Incredibly complex and delicious, this was one of our favorites. At time of writing, this was still available on tap and in limited release bottles; if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

bottle of stout from ramblebine brewing
Curse of the Valley 2024 - Ramblebine Brewing Co.

Ramblebine Brewing Company released their own barrel-aged treasure as well, however they went the spirits route, aging their stout, Curse of the Valley 2024, for 12 months in bourbon barrels from local favorite Peach Street Distillers. On top of that, the beer was conditioned on cocoa nibs, a “whole lot” of toasted coconut and coffee beans from local roaster Kiln Coffee. Again, an incredible example of the local community coming together and putting out a product that is world-class! This stout presents as a coffee-kissed liquid Mounds bar, backed up with a pleasant bourbon finish. All of the flavors are in perfect balance and come together quite nicely to form another amazing sipper. Coming in at 14.7% ABV, sipping is strongly encouraged with this one! This was also still available as of the time of this writing and we would strongly encourage you to get down to Ramblebine and savor this delicious treat! (And if you didn’t get a chance to try our collaboration with Ramblebine and Colorado Canyons Association, Better than Fruitcake, they still have some of that Holiday White Stout on draft as well!)

***Note - despite the beer name, dirt from the Monument, Bookcliffs and Grand Mesa was not used in the brewing process... Click HERE to learn more about the "curse"!

glass and can of stout from casey brewing and blending
Vanilla BA Wrong Answers Only - Casey Brewing and Blending

Finally, heading east a bit on I-70 and arriving in Glenwood Springs, Vanilla Barrel-Aged Wrong Answers Only from Casey Brewing and Blending was a feast for the senses! The vanilla aroma upon first-pour into the glass smacks you straight in the face. SOOOO much vanilla, which then gives way to luscious, bourbon-soaked chocolate finishing with a pleasing alcohol warmth. From a brewery that’s world-renowned for their sour program and incorporating the highest quality fruit in those sours, Casey didn’t skimp on this stout, either. The Brazilian Chamissonis and Bahiana vanilla beans used in this creation are some of the most rare vanilla beans in the world, and to get to taste them in this form was truly special!

So there you have it, some of our favorites from the past month. Fortunately there’s still a couple of days left to enjoy more stout; we even get an extra day this Leap Year! However you’re enjoying Stout Month this year, we hope you’re having a good one and we’d love to hear about some of your favorites. Post a comment with any recommendations!

Cheers, all.


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