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Hooray for women-owned small business!

sarah mccall sitting at table
Sarah McCall, Owner - Grand Valley Grapes and Grains Adventures

While most people associate October with Fall, the changing colors of the leaves, and Halloween, there’s another event on the calendar this month that we’re particularly fond of here at Grand Valley Grapes and Grains Adventures. October is National Women’s Small Business Month, and we are thrilled to be part of the women-owned business community here in Western Colorado!

It’s no surprise that we have a great community of women-owned businesses here, considering Colorado ranks 3rd nationally in terms of the number of women-owned small businesses per capita. There are 4,206, per 100k people, here in the Centennial State, according to Here at Grand Valley Grapes and Grains Adventures, we’re proud to call several of those women-owned businesses our partners, and throughout the month we’ll be recognizing some of them on our social media and highlighting segments we’ve done with them on our monthly radio show, Behind the Barrel.

We bring attention to these amazing partners to recognize the strength, ingenuity, and creativity found in the women-owned business community that has helped spur growth by leaps and bounds in the last 30 years. According to the Small Business Association, there were only 400,000 women-owned businesses in the U.S. in 1972. Now, there are over 13 MILLION and counting, contributing almost 2 trillion dollars in revenue to the U.S. economy. We are proud to be doing our part in furthering this cause, and we look forward to continued growth in this community.

In addition to our social media efforts and podcast highlights throughout the month, we’ll also be celebrating Women’s Small Business Month with a special offer on any of our tours booked in October. Simply use code SMALLBIZ when making your booking and you’ll save 15% on your tour. Bookings can be made for any available date in 2023, but must be made by October 31st in order to take advantage of this offer.

Finally, we’d like to thank you for your support of our woman-owned small business. Whether you’re a former or future guest, newsletter subscriber, blog reader, or website visitor, we wouldn’t be where we are today without your encouragement, words of wisdom, ideas and support. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping us turn this dream of ours into a reality and helping us get to where we are today. Now get out there and support and celebrate your favorite women-owned small businesses!


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