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Knowledge On Tap at Base Camp Beer Works

Knowledge Untapped crowd at Base Camp Beer Works
The crowd eagerly waiting for the event to begin!

Last Thursday, April 18th, we had the pleasure of participating in the first Knowledge On Tap event at Base Camp Beer Works. This new monthly lecture series aims to bring people together to learn something new, have fun, enjoy some good beverages and best of all, benefit the CMU Scholarship Fund.

This first edition, titled From Grain to Glass, featured Base Camp Head Brewer Holly Trujillo walking us through the entire process of how one of their flagship beers, Lemon Squeezer Wheat, gets made. Before Holly got into her talk however, the evening began with a fun round of beer-themed trivia put together by the Base Camp team. From there, Holly went into a great presentation and walked us step-by-step through the brewing process. A really nice touch was the samples of some of the ingredients the Base Camp team passed out, like the container of Lemondrop hops pictured below. It really gave a hands-on feel to the presentation!

container of lemondrop hops
Lemondrop hops sample from Knowledge on Tap

After completing her talk, Holly then led a brewhouse tour to show off the tools of the trade, and bring life to her brewing presentation. It was cool to see the equipment in action, including some active fermentation going on and CO2 being released, as in the below video clip.

Knowledge on Tap group in Base Camp brewhouse
Base Camp brewhouse tour

The evening finished up with another round of trivia that served as a knowledge check. Those that were paying close attention and finished with the top score were rewarded with a certificate for a Beers of Grand Junction brewery tour for 2 people. Congratulations to "Britters" for taking down the trivia championship!

Overall, this was a really fun event to participate in, and we're looking forward to the next two events in the series, all held at Base Camp Beer Works with a 5:30pm start time. Thursday May 23rd will be Risk Taking Recreation: An Alpinist’s Perspective, featuring alpinist Vince Anderson, owner of Skyward Mountaineering. The Thursday, June 6th event will feature a book reading from Shelly Read, author of the best-selling novel Go as a River. For tickets and additional information, please click HERE

We hope to see you at either, or both, of these events in support of the thirst for knowledge, our local breweries, and the CMU Scholarship Fund.

Cheers all!

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