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Local Beers and Wines to Usher in the Spring

Palisade Peach Orchard in Springtime
Palisade Peach Orchard in Springtime

Over the past week or so, the temperature here in Grand Junction has been in the 50s and we have been getting more rain than snow. This has us longing for springtime. When it's not cold enough for a barrel-aged stout or Cabernet but not hot enough for a patio pounder, we have a few recommendations for local beers and wines to enjoy.

On the beer side of things, we'll start with the disclaimer that our suggestions are currently on tap based on our latest research, but that could change at any minute. Our advice to you is to grab these before they're kicked!

At Trail Life Brewing, their Pirate's Life Black IPA is the ideal hybrid of winter and summer beers. The blend of rich and roasty malts coupled with a generous hopping of Citra and Chinook gives this a nice bitterness, backed with an almost coffee-like roast that's delicious! Perfect for Spring!

Pirate's Life Black IPA at Trail Life Brewing
Pirate's Life Black IPA at Trail Life Brewing

At Ramblebine Brewing Company, Spring is a great time to enjoy one of their flagship beers. The God Hammer Norwegian Red Ale pours a deep garnet color and is beautiful to behold. With a nice, toasted malt backbone that is balanced by some spicy, fruity esters from the Scandinavian yeast, this beer is at home in 40 degree weather as it is in 75 degree weather. It's definitely one to savor as the seasons are turning!

Let's face it, sometimes depending on your mood, the meal, your company, etc. there is NEVER a bad time for a big, bold, red wine. But when you are craving something a little lighter there are plenty of options. Buckel Family Wine in Gunnison produces a Cinsault; this lighter bodied red wine has ripe strawberry and baking spice notes and is a great way to wind down after a spring hike. Bookcliff Vineyards' Friday's Folly Red is a lighter bodied red wine that tastes as fun as it sounds. Colterris Winery's Livid Malbec Rosé is a rosé for red wine drinkers; it is much darker in color than a traditional rosé due to extended skin contact, and its peppery finish is similar to a traditional Malbec.

Columbines on Colorado's Grand Mesa

May your Spring be filled with plenty of adventures and tasty, local beverages!


Sarah and Jason

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