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National Recognition for the Grand Valley Wine Region!

Vineyards and Mt Garfield
Vineyards of the Grand Valley AVA with Mt. Garfield in the background

For the wine enthusiasts among us here in the Grand Valley, we’re well aware of the quality experiences available at the wineries and tasting rooms in Palisade. For a while, the region has often been referred to as a “hidden gem”, but that is starting to change! Nowhere is this more evident than in the 2023 USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Poll, where the Grand Valley has placed 6 nominees amongst the 10 wine-related categories. Read on to find out who those well-deserving nominees are.

To begin, the Grand Valley has been nominated in the Best Wine Region category. With over 25 wineries and tasting rooms to choose from, offering everything from crisp and bright whites to bold and decadent reds, you’ll find something for everyone in the Grand Valley. Tasting room experiences range from sleek and chic to farmhouse and everything in between, ensuring you can enjoy your wine in a vibe suitable to your liking. To learn more about this great area, you can explore the Grand Valley page on CAVE’s website, and to cast your vote for the Grand Valley Wine Region you can click HERE.

Speaking of tasting rooms, we are fortunate to have TWO Grand Valley tasting rooms nominated in the Best Wine Tasting Room Category! Congratulations to Carboy Winery at Mount Garfield Estate and to Colterris Winery for making the nominee list. These are two great experiences, for sure and we couldn’t agree more with their placement in this category. With a glorious patio and deck overlooking Mount Garfield and their vineyards, the Carboy experience is truly a sight to behold. Set at the Eastern edge of Palisade, the Colterris Winery tasting room offers an educational wine tasting experience that will please your palette, and the grounds provide incredible views of the surrounding landscape. To vote for the Carboy tasting room, you can click HERE. To vote for the Colterris Winery tasting room, you can click HERE.

view of mt garfield from carboy winery palisade
The view from Carboy's deck is phenomenal!

Colterris wine library
The Colterris wine library.

Colterris Winery also holds the distinction of being the only double-nominee here in the Grand Valley, as their WInery Tour has been nominated in the Best Winery Tour category. Featuring a visit to their Barrel Room and Wine Library, along with a comprehensive tour of the production facility, this tour is worthy of the nomination. To cast your vote for the Colterris Winery Tour, please click HERE.

Closing out the Grand Valley’s nominees, two of our newer wineries have been nominated in the Best New Winery Experience category. Sauvage Spectrum’s tasting room offers an industrial-warehouse setting in which you can sip on their experimental and creative offerings. The Ordinary Fellow also offers an industrial, open air setting set on the site of the former United Fruit Growers COOP peach packing shed. Here you can enjoy a traditional line-up of outstanding reds, whites, and rosés accompanied by a delicious plate of food from their resident food truck, Le Snack Fine Foods. To vote for Sauvage Spectrum, please click HERE. And to vote for The Ordinary Fellow, please click HERE.

tasting room at ordinary fellow
The tasting room at The Ordinary Fellow

Sauvage Spectrum tasting room
Visitors "celebrating" at Sauvage Spectrum

As you can see, there’s lots of exciting things happening here in the Grand Valley and we’re getting some incredible recognition nationally. If you agree, please take some time to vote for our well-deserving nominees; they would be so grateful for the support. You can vote daily all the way through July 10th.

If you haven’t experienced the wonders of the Grand Valley wine region yet, there’s no better way to experience it than through one of our wine tours. We’d be happy to show you what all the buzz is about!


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